10 things for 05/01/2017

  • My face feels really dry in the mornings. Maybe I should invest in a humidifier. I think I will check out one on the Daegu Online Flea Market.  If you are in Korea and need stuff, this is a great first place to check out. Foreigners leaving Korea post well-priced stuff here all the time! Don’t get addicted though.
  • I went to the Daegu Lantern Festival! One of the big reasons I came to Asia was to see one of these. I intended to see one in Thailand but did not get to :(. I finally did it in Korea. It was magical, but a little less magical than I expected. The actual lantern in the sky part did not last very long. Here is the official website, but unfortunately it’s in Korean :(. This site also provides some information in English.
Daegu Lantern Festival
Daegu Lantern Festival
Daegu Lantern Festival
  • I have recently started using the 7-minute exercise app. It is pretty convenient. It won an award! If you are looking for a way to exercise. Maybe this is something you could try.
  • I have also started trying to do a dance by the Fitness Marshall before my 7-minute workout. We’ll see what the results are…
  • Another neat app is the Castbox app. You can play podcasts. I know apple users can download them somehow, but here is an alternative for the rest of us. I’ve subscribed to quite a few podcasts, but maybe you could check out “The Minimalists” and “The School of Greatness”. And The London School of Economics Lecture Series, and The Afford Anything podcast.
  • If you have afro-textured hair, you may want to consider joining the facebook groups: “Brothas and Sistas of South Korea” or “Natural Beauty in South Korea”.
  • Did you know that there are flowers with half purple petals and half white petals! It is amazing.
Cool purple and white flowers!
  • In Korea campaigning is insane. The candidates have theme songs (they seem to just remix older songs). One guy had a regular song for the afternoon and, no lie, a dance song at night. It’s like he said, even if you are at the club you can still show your support. Wow! Here’s a breakdown of the candidates before the election May 9th, which BTW is a day off for me. Hooray! There are 15 different candidates with different colors and numbers. It seems like the candidate Moon Jae In is pretty popular. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Korean_presidential_election,_2017 Also here is a pic of one of the choreographed dances for the candidates :).
Korean Presidential Candidates
Candidate Dancers
  • I tried Omija (5 taste berry) tea. It was soo good! And one lady told me, supposedly really good for your liver. You can find information here and here.
Omija tea (5 taste berry tea)
  • I went to my first Korean baseball game! It was the Daegu Lions vs. Incheon Wyverns (supposedly a type of dragon). The Daegu Lions won! We must be their good luck charm because supposedly they had lost a lot of games before that. It was actually pretty fun. Different cheers and everything!
Daegu Baseball Stadium
He doesn’t look Korean! Patrick, pitcher for the Daegu Lions

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