10 things for 05/12/2017

Sokcho beach
Sokcho Beach Again!
  • I stayed at SurfStar hostel! It was pretty awesome. It has a mini skateboard area and you can rent surfboards and wetsuits with them. They have a boys dorm and a girls dorm and the rooms are pretty comfy. Just make sure to bring a car. Otherwise, it’s hard to get around (although not hard to get to the beach, that part is easy :)). It is close to Gisamun in YangYang. You can get random information on it on the Naver website. Information is not very detailed. Sorry
SurfStar Hostel
  • My friends, earlier in the week, climbed Seoraksan mountain! I did not get the chance to, but here is some more information on it. Hopefully, I can do it another time. I heard autumn is a really beautiful time to go.
  • I love barley tea! When you come you should try it!
Barley Tea!
  • You can still get cherry blossom lattes off season! Just ask. There is some cream I think you can’t get in it anymore which may be important…idk. Gosh, I am always talking about food! Here is another cherry blossom latte pic!
Closed Starbucks Cherry Blossom Latte
Open Starbucks Cherry Blossom Latte
  • May 5th is Children’s Day. Here is some more information on it!
  • I love the song, “All I Wanna Do” by Jay Park!
  • Some time back, I went with some friends to Pyeongchang and rented a pension. Here are some pics! It will be the location of the 2018 Winter Olympics! Will I still be here? Who knows.
Pyeongchang Again!
Pyeongchang with people!
  • If you go to Geumosan/Geumo mountain, check out Yangyeongjang Park. You can picnic there and can even camp there if you want!
Geumosan Picnic


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