10 things for 05/22/2017

  • Look at this adorable huge dog. I wonder what it is called.
Fluffy Dog!
  • Sunny day in Korea, riding my bike
Sunny day in Gumi, Korea
  • In Daegu there is the Daegu Modern History Museum. There is more information about it here. It was really fascinating. Here are some exhibits. It is free and in English!
Daegu Modern History Museum Sign
Daegu Modern History Museum
Daegu Modern History Museum
Replica of historic Daegu city!
Old Children’s Textbooks
Old Korean classroom
Old Korean school children drawings
  • Helen Keller and Marilyn Monroe visited Daegu! Cray Cray
Helen Keller in Daegu!
Marilyn Monroe in Daegu!
  • The museum is near a cool park that has neat buildings from the past that used to be used as administrative buildings.
Daegu Modern History Museum Park
Old Government Building
Sign for Old Government Building
  • You think your wedding photos are awesome? Check out my friend’s. Hers are next level. Wedding photos in Korea are very next level. Or is everyone doing this these days? Who knows.
Awesome wedding photos
Awesome wedding photos
Awesome wedding photos
Awesome wedding photos
  • This looks very similar to Sister Act 2. I may have to try to watch this.
Looks like a Sister Act 2 Poster
  • My friend cooked me a delicious Chinese lunch! She is so kind! I will have to visit more.
Chinese lunch in Korea!
  • This is real gimbap; this is convenience store gimbap. There is a difference! Also supposedly convenience store gimbap is not very good for you.
Real Gimbap
Convenience Store Gimbap
  • When we were at the SurfStar hostel the people there invited us for a delicious dinner. Here is a pic!
Yummy Surf Hostel Dinner! I forgot what we ate 😛 It was a slightly spicy chicken dish that we ate like Samgyeopsal

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