10 Things for 4/14/2017

This is a list of cool stuff I’ve discovered for the week of 04/14/2017. All of this was not discovered this week:

  • Mandu with Tteok-bokki sauce is delicious.
  • Hotteok is delicious.
  • Discovered the Jaden Smith mind-blown video
  • The other day I ate at Goongwon in Gumi, South Korea. It is a traditional Korean restaurant. It was actually frequented in the past by this guy who is originally from this city. He was a controversial figure in South Korean history, but it was cool to check it out…maybe? And the food was delicious. Here is a picture:
Korean traditional meal at Goongwon in Gumi, South Korea
  • There is controversy over the history of cherry blossoms. Many people think that the Japanese brought them, but one of my students said that they are originally from South Korea. Who knows?

cherry blossoms gumi south korea beautiful pink

  • We have the first week of May off! And I think I will be going here and here: hopefully if it all works out I will see some beautiful mountain views and learn to surf!
  • Thinking about having a gratitude jar like this lady from Fusion of Cultures :).
  • Charly Cheer: It is cool to see a minimalist natural hair routine being done in Korea. It’s pretty much like a dream.
  • I am using cauliflower to replace rice. This video shows many ways to use the vegetable. It even shows a cauliflower grilled cheese sandwich!
  • If you want to take Korean classes for free, here is a website you can check out!

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