10 things for 4/23/2017

  • I finally went to a Korean wedding! They are a little different. It is shorter than the average American wedding (if you include the time we spend at the reception) and multiple weddings occur at the same time in these places called wedding halls. The wedding I went to had a runway!  Here are a couple photos!
    Me at the wedding!
    The bride!!!
    A wedding speech by the person who brought the couple together!

    The kiss!
  • I went to Cheongnamdae Presidential Villa which is the summer home for the president (general president, not any specific person). It was pretty neat. I learned A LOT about Korean political history here.

    Cheongnamdae Presidential summer home
  • I visited Cheongnamdae on the first day of the festival to welcome spring. At the festival, we found a band that was playing modern songs with these traditional Korean instruments. It was pretty cool!

    Korean traditional music
  • Did you know that there are carnivorous squirrels? Well, they are omnivores, but carnivorous sounds edgier. Yep, they are called Eurasian red squirrels. They have tall ears, like a bunny rabbit, but they are NOT bunny rabbits. They have sharp teeth. Don’t mess with them. 
  • This bird is part of the symbol of the president of Korea (Look at the seal picture in this link, not the emblem picture). The bird is a mythical phoenix which they call Bong Hwang.

    Bong Hwang at Cheongnamdae
  • The cherry blossoms are now gone 🙁 but there are a bunch of these (shown below) flowers everywhere and they are also super beautiful. It is an (almost) fair trade.
    Big red flowers!

    Beautiful cherry blossoms I will NEVER forget you!
  • Bingsu is delicious! It is frozen ice covered with different toppings. My favorite topping is sweet red bean (It’s sweet and soo good). Bingsu is usually covered with condensed milk and little chewy rice cakes. I think there is a green tea flavored ice, but I prefer the original. Normally Koreans will share a bowl of Bingsu between two people…I can eat a whole one by myself….gosh :P.

    Bingsu! <3
  • Samgyeopsal is also delicious. It is a lettuce wrap with strips of grilled pork belly meat inside. It is so so good. In restaurants, the diners actually grill the meat themselves! It is a nice communal activity…I guess I think it’s nice because there is usually someone else doing it. 😛  Rice and various side dishes are served with it (here are a couple of Korean side dishes. Not all of these are for Samgyeopsal and some common ones are not included here) and can go inside as well. Filling the lettuce leaf with pork belly meat and side dishes without making it too large so it has trouble fitting in your mouth is really an art form I seem to have not yet mastered.
  • Geumosan mountain is a popular tourist attraction in Gumi. You should check it out.
  • In Korean, when snow is on trees it is called 눈꽃 noon ggoch (sounds like noon ggoth) which translates to snow flowers <3. How beautiful!

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