10 things for 5/29/2017

  • This is a cool monument across from the SurfStar hostel I stayed at in Sokcho!
SurfStar hostel monument
  • There are pine needles that grow upwards here! Is that an international thing? I guess I haven’t really paid attention. I took a picture anyways.
Pine needles grow upward?
  • Traditional wedding chairs. Those people were little!
Traditional Korean Wedding Chairs
Boss and Traditional Korean Wedding Chairs for comparison
  • This is an article on Moon Jae In’s attractive bodyguard who has been garnering a lot of media attention.
  • If you are a foreigner and want to take free Korean lessons you can. This website used to offer free level 1 lessons, but it has been having some problems lately. I have now resorted to this guy’s site which is supposed to teach you 9000 words and 99.9% of spoken vocabulary.  For free in-person lessons in Gumi, Korea, you can go to the English service at Gumi Jeil Church (Tell the taxi driver: Gumi Jeil Gyeohwe/구미 제일 교회 ) and ask about it at the office and they will tell you how to sign up.
  • You can also check out this link for a free level 1 and a level 2 book on learning Korean.
  • You can also sign up for the the Ankiweb website at this link, download the software and then check out their shared decks to learn vocabulary words. They have many different shared decks. I am personally now using “Korean vocabulary by Evita” and “Korean Grammar Sentences by Evita”…Thanks Evita! 🙂 Okay I’m done.
  • There is a Toastmasters club in Daegu, Korea. Korea is the 93rd district for Toastmasters. I became a member of the Daegu chapter at our club’s picnic in Youngcheon on 5/20/2017! It was pretty fun.
Group photo of Daegu Toastmasters
Daegu Toastmasters!
Me being inducted!
  • I was in charge of games at the Youngcheon outing. It got a little…competitive
Daegu Toastmasters Games!
Daegu Toastmasters Games!
  • Another picture of me eating Samgyeopsal. I am so in love with this stuff. I only stop eating because the food stops.
Samgyeopsal is so delicious!

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