10 things for 6/4/2017… Actually 1 news article and language learning info

  • Here is an article on the South Korean government official who slid a suitcase.
  • 2017 Toastmasters South Korea spring conference pictures!
One of our speakers! 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking, Ed Tate!
Kim Min-Seok (Andy), the current director of District 93 Toastmasters. He seemed like a really sweet guy.
Where we stayed! Seoul Women’s Plaza
Entryway for Toastmasters Conference
Sanam Hesamedin the 2017 Spring Conference Chair!
All of the 2017 English speaking contest competitors
Yummy dinner!
They did a tribute to Andy! He cried. He is honestly the sweetest leader. Can he please be president of the world?
Andy Tribute
Daegu Toastmasters! Represent! Please ignore me staring at…not the camera 😛
South Korea Spring Conference Banner!
Beautiful day in Seoul!
Daegu Toastmasters. At least I am staring at the camera now 😛
Daegu Toastmasters represent! We were a Distinguished Club this year!
All of the leaders who made the 2017 conference happen

Statement on learning languages (Way more than 10 things, I apologize):

  • Earlier Points
    • If you are a foreigner and want to take free Korean lessons you can. This website offers free Korean lessons. I have also found this person’s site which is supposed to teach you 9000 words and 99.9% of spoken vocabulary.  For free in-person lessons in Gumi, Korea, you can go to the English service at Gumi Jeil Church (Tell the taxi driver: Gumi Jeil Gyeohwe/구미 제일 교회 ) and ask about it at the office and they will tell you how to sign up (May need to download the Naver dictionary app).
    • Download the Naver dictionary app. It is MUCH better than google translate. Much better.
    • You can also check out this link for a free level 1 and a level 2 book on learning Korean.
    • You can also sign up for the the Ankiweb website at this link, download the software and then check out their shared decks to learn vocabulary words. They have many different shared decks for many different languages. I am personally now using “Korean vocabulary by Evita” and “Korean Grammar Sentences by Evita”…Thanks Evita! 🙂 Okay I’m done.
  • Additional Points
    • You can look on Facebook for free-talking groups.
    • You can go on italki.com and find a language partner (not a teacher; language partners are free) (good to practice daily).
    • Get the Castbox app and set it for Korean. Listen to Korean podcasts for even 15 minutes daily to get used to the sounds.
    • Maybe I will just write a post on languages or something
    • In Korea, you can also find a random person and ask to exchange English practice for Korean practice. I am doing that. I met…well the person asked me, but still cool.  A little weird to initiate, but if you are here long enough and are trying, you usually will end up finding a suitable candidate. It’s okay if you are shy though and just go on italki.com like I talked about earlier 🙂
    • If you live in Korea, go to the library and get a library card. Afterward, get some children’s books. Read a page out loud at night.
    • Play a game with a person who speaks the language. Game: When you see that person you try to only speak in that language.
    • Don’t be afraid! Turn on the television (to any of the lower channels 2-10) and just listen daily for 10 minutes. Korean shows are nice because for some reason they like to write words on the screen. It helps me to follow the conversation 🙂 It’s okay that there are no subtitles.
    • If you teach kids, use Korean to English flashcards, as you teach them in one direction, it helps you learn in the other 😛
    • Go to Youtube, find a Korean show and try to mimic what they say. Here’s a show you could watch!
    • You can also watch a Korean drama or movie. These are very popular. They aren’t so much my style because a lot of them are super romantic, but maybe you will love them! Check out the Viki app if you are outside of Korea. If you are in Korea…use your television…or find some alternative methods to use the Viki app 🙂

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