20 things (For the first entry. Like a special thing!)

  • One of my students thought it was “sun of a beach” and Americans were just tired of the glare
  • In one of my classes, we were discussing how plastic surgery might be 50 years from now (yeah we talk about the important issues). One student suggested that we could have a different face each day. Monday could be, in his words, “Sexay!”, Tuesday, “cute” Wednesday something else. Really he only had ideas for Monday.
  • Cherry blossom lattes exist. And they are delicious gifts from heaven
  • Cherry blossoms in themselves are beautiful I hope I can travel somewhere to see them, but they only last for 2 weeks 🙁 🙁 🙁
  • I like these lists better than writing articles…much much better. Idk if I can make money off of it, but I love it.
  • Korean children are some of the cutest. Like all of them. It’s like an epidemic. Now I know why everyone adopts them
  • I cut off my hair. I have a short fro. It was cool the day I got it done, but since then I have had kind of an emotional crisis since I’m in Korea and they care a lot about looks here. I have been slowly regaining my self-confidence and trying to love myself and others more.
  • It is getting much warmer here!
  • Koreans are so nice! My student gave me a java chip frappe (for free) (she does that occasionally) and my other student let me have a camping mat for free. Another gives me a sparkling water EVERY class. I wonder if I should reject them…Nah!
  • This list thing is MUCH easier
  • I think I will submit this on my blog each week. Bump money.
  • I’m still within budget
  • I went camping on Chilpo beach in Pohang with South Africans…and other people. We had these delicious delicious things called braaibroodjies (?) and also s’mores. Very international…their part was healthier
  • Found out that South African boy scouts are intense. One guy said that they had to go into the wilderness and find a chicken. They spent three days with the chicken. He even named his chicken Arthur and then on the third day he had to kill Arthur with his bare hands, cook him, and eat him…yeah that is definitely not selling girl scout cookies
  • They also learn other super useful skills. The same guy was giving us weather information based on the bend of the trees and the looks of the clouds; they could build tents and cook. Yeah I am sending my child to scouts (They have now combined the genders) in South Africa. They make grown men and women there.
  • I met someone who I think has anger issues
  • I have met a lot of people from the Midwest since I got here. Yeah the person with anger issues is from the Midwest.
  • I met someone else who knows dolphins are evil = my soulmate, j/k…they are also from the Midwest.
  • Barley milk is delicious
  • I have resolved to learn more Korean just because of the nice lady at the front desk at work…she gave me the barley milk.

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